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Centurion 7/1 vs Pz.Kpfw. V Panther by Everto-Flammus Centurion 7/1 vs Pz.Kpfw. V Panther :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 0 2 Pz.Kpfw. V Panther: German Sniper by Everto-Flammus Pz.Kpfw. V Panther: German Sniper :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 0 2 Centurion Mk 7/1: Explosions Galore by Everto-Flammus Centurion Mk 7/1: Explosions Galore :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 1 2
Sitting in chair that slowly sticks to my skin,
I squeeze my hands, flexing and stretching, hoping to cool and calm,
Its no use, my shirt still vibrates with the pounding of my heart.
There’s no stopping it.
Sucking in air to my belly, holding it
Trying to rein in the galloping beast within,
It works, I think.
All the others ahead of me sounded splendid,
I knew that I could not compare.
Was that thought a Weakness?
Five more to go, oh that sounded wonderful,
A beautiful rendition of Fur Elise,
Lovely poise and flowing dynamics,
Not a fumble in sight.
Three more to go, with a fellow near my age,
Like everyone else, striving for perfect memory.
Fingers sing through the song,
Then a stutter, a stop,
Pages must be spread.
Then it ends.
Its my turn now.
My name is called, and I breathe deep
Walking to the bench and staring at the graphic white and black keys
I put my hands in position.
The start is good, but the sound of the piano echoes, throwing me off.
I remembered all the p
:iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 0 2
Every step of the day, I feel it.
A longing sense that becomes all I know,
It consumes me.
My heart beats faster, and I look around,
Not sure when but knowing you're near.
A giant spring builds in my belly, begging to move,
To find my core again.
But you pop in the doorway,
With a small little wave and a quiet smile,
Speaking volumes of seeing me here.
It melts away all my stresses,
Like they were never there.
I look into the warmth of your eyes
And say I've found home.
:iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 0 0
Amnesia: The Dark Descent by Everto-Flammus Amnesia: The Dark Descent :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 1 0 The rigours of growth 1 by Everto-Flammus The rigours of growth 1 :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 0 0
Awake and Alive
Gasping for breath, he looked around in the soaking boat at his fellow Canadians.  They were miserable, every single one of them shuddering in the frigid sea air, blinking hard from the biting salt of the Atlantic.  He looked up just in time to have a wall of water slam into him, throwing him into the rest of the men.
"Two minutes!" The grizzled pilot of the boat yelled.
Jolted with fear and trepidation, his heart punched his chest with an insane tempo.  His hands shook and he forced them to grip the slippery barrel of his rifle.  A cold white hand gripped his shoulder.  He jumped and whirled to see the captain giving him a reassuring smile.
"We'll be alright, kid.  Stay low and don't stop moving."
The boy nodded jerkily, his hands slowly steadying.  Through the howling of the biting wind and the growl of the boat's engine, he heard the distinctive buzz saw of the dreaded German machine guns.  A concussion
:iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 0 0
The wolves were on his trail.  He knew it, even if he couldn't hear or see them.  Some inner primitive part of his being knew he was prey.
A breathless howl shattered the air, resounding off the cliff face and dissipating into the pines in front of him.  A human would have little chance in the open, so it would be the natural thing to escape into the forest where he could more easily clamber out of their reach.  The tall towering trees rustled in the night wind, beckoning him to safety.
Panting, he pushed his aching legs to the limit, squeezing every last drop of energy he had in them.  He had reached the tree line, but he dared not stop.  His father had told him that wolves in particular, could run nearly non-stop for over a course of four days.  The ones hounding him were especially large and menacing.  He managed to catch a glimpse of one when he scrambled up a hill a ways back.  They were huge
:iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 1 1
Gundam Freedom ZGMF X10A: Battle ready by Everto-Flammus Gundam Freedom ZGMF X10A: Battle ready :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 1 0 ZGMF-X1QA Freedom Gundam (coloured!) by Everto-Flammus ZGMF-X1QA Freedom Gundam (coloured!) :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 2 0 Battle of the Giants by Everto-Flammus Battle of the Giants :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 2 0 00-Quanta Full Sabre Gundam by Everto-Flammus 00-Quanta Full Sabre Gundam :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 2 0 WWII era Destroyer by Everto-Flammus WWII era Destroyer :iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 2 0
I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry
I see the dark gray envelope your body
It drips on me slightly, before unleashing,
The full torrent of your fury and unhappiness.
I hurt you terribly.
Your sadness sparks with anger, scorching
The glades of grass to a sizzling crisp.
I didn't want this to happen.
I want to reach out, but the space between us,
Allows me not.
It hurts to see you like this;
Angry, sad, all because,
I did something foolishly stupid.
To reach and hold you, make it better,
I wish it will help.
Your anger at me leaves me questioning,
At myself, why can I not explain,
But undoubtedly, one thing stands
Straight and strong like a pillar of light.
I will always love you, no matter what circumstance.
Even when your tears yell their anger,
I will never let go.
:iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 2 2
Will You Join Me?
Will You Join Me?
The rain drips fat drops,
Splattering puddles onto pavement.
Up in the sky, I see gray clouds
Blanketing the sky from a multitude of colours.
Stepping forward into a big pool of water,
I stomp.
Waves break onto the hard, unforgiving concrete,
But water is soft, so it forgives it.
Its a little lonely in the rain...  But,
I love the little droplets that spark life.
My sneakers have succumbed to the wetness,
Toes now soaked with rain-water.
Its not so bad, yet I wonder,
How much more fun would the rain be,
With company?
Will you join me?
Will you love me in the rain?
:iconeverto-flammus:Everto-Flammus 1 0

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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 2, 2012, 10:47 PM
  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: English
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: I want to play Dead Space
  • Eating: My sanity bar. Its already half gone.
  • Drinking: Sanity potions :)
Well, today, the second day of the eighth month of the two thousandth and twelfth year of the Common Era was absolutely terrible.  In my terms anyway.  Since I haven't gone on for an awful long while, I will let you guys know that I have been doing summer school. For physics.  12.  That should be self explanatory.  Sigh*.  Despite the fact that electric circuits are supposed to be 'easy', its making me growl in frustration as I'm given a 'wealth' of different numbers in different units.  Bloody hell, I really am pissed off with it.  I'm well aware that things can be much harder, but I want to rant furiously at my own inability to complete physics to my standards.  Perhaps my little class for calculus in the afternoon made it worse.  I get absolutely NOTHING IN CALCULUS.  Apparently inferred derivatives or whatever they are are supposed to be the 'easy' things.  Looking at my year-younger class mates who whiz through the worksheets DO NOT help.  I want to play Dead Space and tell 4 necromorphs that are cornering me that I won't take their bullshit while brandishing my handy line gun.  This is when I should play games for.  FRUSTRATION VENT.  Oh look, I got an email for the answers to my worksheet for preparation of the quiz tomorrow.



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